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Sage Group experts are in demand to speak on the topics of best practices in construction, preventing claims and assessment of losses.

Bill Schwartzkopf, CEO of The Sage Group, has authored several industry publications, including:

  • Co-Author of “Calculating Construction Damages”
  • Calculating Construction Damages Cumulative Supplement 2014
  • Calculating Lost Labor Productivity in Construction Claims
  • Practical Guide to Construction Contract Surety Claims
  • Practical Guide to Construction Contract Surety Claims Supplement 2015


ASCE Book Chapter – Pricing Construction Claims - co-authored by: Don Harrington, Rex Snyder, Jim Giles, and Brent McSwain

Past seminars/webinars by The Sage Group include:

  • Preparing and Using Construction Schedules
  • Major Causes of Construction Disputes and How to Avoid Them
  • Tricks, Traps and Ploys in Construction Scheduling
  • Finding and Effective Use of Expert Witnesses and Consultants in Construction Disputes
  • Evaluating and Pricing a Mechanics Lien
  • Calculating Construction Change Orders
  • Guarding Against Construction Defect Claims in Colorado
  • Loss of Productivity and Acceleration
  • Litigating a Major Delay and Impact Claim
  • A Primer on Damages and Construction Claims
  • Preparing and Using Construction Schedules
  • Construction Project Scheduling & Delay Claims
  • Construction Management/Design-Build in Colorado
  • Analysis and Pricing of Project Delay Claims
  • Construction Defect Litigation from A to Z
  • Pricing & Proposal Preparation of Lost Productivity Claims
  • Project Management Primer:  Notice, Cost Reporting & Analysis, Impacts on Schedule
  • Contract Administration Fundamentals, Comparison of Scheduling and Notice Requirements and Change Orders under Different Project Delivery Methods
  • Project Management Primer: Notice and Labor Productivity